1, stew, 3

yesterday i cooked beef stew. well, short from a beef stew since my ingredients are not complete. i can't seem to find all the ingredients i need to cook a good stew. so there in my pot is a quarter kilo of beef, not the cut that i wanted since there is no butcher here. 2nd option is to buy a prepacked loin but to no avail; as if the packaging woud help, it's in turkish. like any good stew, you need your beef to be very tender. so tender that if you would fork it, it would fall into pieces ala corn beef. after an hour in the stove-beef, water, salt and spices-beef is still not as tender as i want it to be. stomach churning from hunger, i decided to deal with it.

veggies for stewcomes the potatos then carrots then the onions. after sometime, simmer in medium heat for another 30 minutes and add seasoning. taste and add bell pepper (red and green to taste as well as color and texture). pound a clove of garlic (this is my secret ingredient) and add to the pot. after 10 minutes, turn off the stove and get rid of the garlic (remove all traces of your secret ingredient ;)) serve in a deep bowl. the smell alone would send you to 7th heaven…



am planning to cook osso buco this weekend.


dahon, i know that my humble cooking is no way in the league of your pineapple sunshine surprise. 😉 


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