back on track.

a lot of people i know is leaving or have left. i myself is in an island far away from the pearl of the orient. or should i say land of the rising sun since everyone here thinks i’m japanese(日本人). i still know my very basic japanese to get by tokyo and not get lost.


i caught the mtv movie awards last week and i absolutely fell in love with christina aguilera’s ain’t no other man. i had it on repeat in my ipod and itunes. i know, bad of me downloading it via limewire. i ran out of coupon from itunes music store and i will not attempt buying cds here. i just have to wait till i get back to manila and buy the album there. i even downloaded the clip of her performance at the awards show. hmmm… light bulb, since itunes is charging us us$1.99 for video download (with royalties to the artist, composers and label), should youtube be considered somewhat of an early napster sharing videos, even music videos, without any sort of royalty paid? speaking of youtube, i saw the music video of stars are blind by paris hilton. i dunno where to start, is it with her, her singing or the video…

i am no singer, that’s why i stuck to i.t. but i know she can’t sing. spare your ears, this girl can’t sing. she’s whispering to the tree. no, she’s not whispering, she’s harrasing the tree. OMG! poor tree. the only thing she has got going with her is her last name. fuck, i don’t even like hilton. and they haven’t even given me my reward points from my previous stays…

i need to get going now. leaving soon, shop, dinner, party. there’s so much to be done…


i saw an interview of paris hilton in mtv switched on hosted by the gorgeous jason danino holt. she was in a black wig that according to her and i quote “i got from topshop or other small shop” because she wants to be incognito. that her detractors should not involve her last name with her current endeavour (??? isn’t it because of her last name she became famous anyway?) and that she was musically gifted since she was young… argh!!!!!!!!


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