wolf in sheep’s clothing?

i remember earlier in my career as a corporate cubicle slave that microsoft and bill gates are 'evil.' yep, microsoft was monopolizing the market with, first, their over super 'user-friendly' operating system and then branching to productivity tools and groupwares. this had boosted the company as a front runner in NASDAQ and to the fortune 500 list. him and paul allen of course in the richest men in the world list. there was even a law suit before that made microsoft fine a cool us$1 million per day while the law suit wasn't finalized. they did pay the us$1 million keeping their stand that it isn't monopolizing if they bundle their internet explorer with their operating system. they won of course but at a steep price or shall i say, fine. these and many more reasons have gained microsoft as the evil in the i.t. world. everywhere you go you'll definitely see an MS logo somewhere.

today, have you ever stop and take notice of this 'small' internet based company slowly creeping in our daily lives? its name is now part of our vocabulary without even knowing it. i googled you yesterday. yes, google is part of our lives, believe it or not, not one i.t. professional doesn't use google. even my mom of 58 years googles. see!, google is now synonymous to search. well that's who they are, the #1 search engine in the planet. yahoo! in the effort to be the #1 search company even tried buying google. but you see, google nowadays is more than that, it's an internet solution. big words…

when i say internet solution, i mean that google have broken in to the world wide web seamlessly that everything internet is google. blogger the foremost blogging site is now a part of the google company. picasa, a freeware image viewer and editor even integrated blogger for your photoblogging needs. this of course has taken a lot of work from you and me to photoblog. and of course, google is very much happy to do so provide you with these kind of solutions. traveler friendly google map and google earth have made it easy to get by to your destination. even suggesting where to eat and take a rest, even the nearest 6 flags. froogle is trying to breakthrough as their e-commerce/online shopping solution. it's no amazon.com, yet. google even partnered with symantec and lavasoft via google updater to make you online experience safer and more secure. suggesting solutions to your need in one little neat package. dandy. and many, many more.

when microsoft did this a couple of years ago, there was a big commotion in the industry. law suits left and right. we saw bill gates as the new evil, ready to take over. now that google have finally done it (sheepishly in the cold of the night), no one is crying foul. not even a small cryout. why?


  • microsoft and google are part of the few who made it to the fortune 500 list whose market value is higher that its asset value


to set the record straight, i am a BIG google fan. i am everything google. it’s just healthy to question things once in a while.


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