me too!

this is the 2nd time i missed out on the white party in malate. yes… 2 years in a row. why do i have to be out of the country during this time of the year when the party chakra comes pouring out. oozing from every orifice of one’s body. hay, while i’m here stuck to a place of hot men who don’t know the difference between left and right.

but to keep the spirit of the white party, i went out last saturday and bar hopped. first stop was shiny bar. an ultra hip bar on the rooftop of an old, non-pretentious building along istiklal. mind you, it’s a velvet-rope, reservations-only, you’re-not-too-cool-for-me kinda bar. me sporting a very casual look in denim jeans, white polo and red sneakers (ok brands, vs, yd and trussardi in that order), danced my ass off whilst the others were just swaying. they were playing pop music with occasional turkish songs, remixed of course. i was told the it was the trendiest, hardest to get-in bar in taksim, thus expensive beer. after a bottle of carlsberg and effes, off to the next bar. cinaralti was somewhat the opposite of shiny. it was get down on the floor and dance kinda bar. there were a lot more foreigners here, saw a couple of cute german guys ;). it’s a lot cheaper also, maybe the reason why it’s more popular for both locals and foreigners. i love the music here. very unpretentious vibe and more cordial people. hmmm…. i might go back.


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