gingerbread man

john & cookiesi am officially h.l. for those not in the know, it’s hampas lupa. but the classy one. i’m running on a very tight budget here. like i have 200 YTL till july. to give you a picture how bad it is, taxi fare is 10-12 YTL one way to the office on a good day. it’s very difficult to exchange traveller’s cheques here and they charge 10% something fee for that. obnoxious! and very few shops accepts american express, fortunate for those are boutiques i shop on. i miss australia and their taxi cabs with credit card swipper… good ol’ times.
though i’m h.l. and all, i still need coffee to get me through the day. so it’s a 5 YTL budget, 5 days a week. today we decided to have coffee at john’s. americano here is not that good compared to kahve keyf but john’s HOTT! he’s not really john, but i call him john after the cafe. he’s the barista there that always smiles and says hi everytime we cross path. he changed his hair today. too goody-goody for me. i gotta get a picture of him before i go back to manila. anyway, shy was feeling for something to go with the coffee and their tiramisu was more like tira-tiramisu (leftover-misu) that we didn’t bother. we saw a bag of colorful gingerbread. at first i thought they were cookies. shy being adventurous on new things, we had a go of the bag of goodies. well to describe it, let’s say they were colorful gingerbreads and let’s leave it like that ;). but the colorful gingerbread are enough reason for you to buy.

rainbow of colors


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