i bought this laptop last year when i was in princeton. it was just over a year ago. i fell in love in with how sleek/slim it is. i have to say that i really have used it, even upgraded the memory to 1 gb, since i’m technogeek and i hate waiting and slow response time (applies to people as well). and last thursday, it died on me. not really died, my screen’s backlight suddenly and mysteriously don’t light up. i have done several research and quick remedy but it doesn’t seem to work. friday at work, i have to plug my laptop to an external monitor (which reminded me to buy a plasma monitor when i get back in manila) just to get cracking at my prototype. i did a round of calls to the local toshiba tech service here. my first call, i got hung up. i think the person on the other end got startled when i started blabering in english. too bad, i was so polite and even greeted her a pleasant morning. tried my luck again and got passed to an english speaking guy. after sever numbers being passed around i managed to get the address of the nearest service center in besiktas. it’s at mecidiyekoy, and they’re open on saturdays, till 5.00pm.

left the hotel at around 2.30pm. the taxi driver is so good. he got me there in a matter of 10 minutes and under 6 YTL. i have my fair share of scamming cabbies here but this one is freaking nice. at the service center, the reception don’t understand english and used an online translation to communicate. good thing the english speaking guy got back from his break. i told him what had happened and showed my laptop. spoke with the tech guy and they were off to the lab. after 20 minutes of waiting, the guy came back and told me that i have to replaced my whole screen. my 15.4″ trubrite screen. and that i have to shell out us$650 + taxes. a little under half of how much i paid for my laptop. i was contemplating on giving up and buying a new one. i do want to get my hands on the new black mac, but i love this computer. i told the guy (the techy me) that if he can take a look at it more. you see when i boot up my computer, it does light up showing the toshiba logo and dies out when windows boots up. i was suspecting bill gates is sending my operating system bugs online to crash it since i am a open source guy. tech guy went back in and see if he can do anything. according to the toshiba online support, my screen is not whacked up. this happens when the computer is tricked; when you close the screen and computer goes to hibernation, open it back up. the computer (at least the screen does) thinks that it is still in hibernation thus it doesn’t light the backlight (conserves battery). after 10 minutes more, tech guy came out and told me that they need to replace this device and i have to pay them 70 YTL (close to us$45). i readily hand out my new american express. they explained that though i bought 3 years of warranty, only 1 year applies for international warranty and the 3 years actually work only where i puchased the computer, which is in princeton in nj, usa. i just want my computer fixed and it’s just us$45. went home happy with a fixed computer. dropped by at the big shopping mall nearby, at sisli and bought this hooded mesh top and a venti frapuccino.

in hindsight, i think the people at toshiba tricked me into paying that device. i wonder if they did replaced it, they didn’t give me the replaced thingy. first testing the water if i’ll bite into that screen-replacement crap. me thinks since my screen do light up at boot up and all online documentation says that it’s just this bug by computer and nothing more, it should be nothing more than a reset of, something…


dee explained it all to me. why starbucks, mcdo, burger king and other international chain is expensive here. they have luxury tax. they consider large coke, fries and big mac in a paper bag with a mcdo logo on it as luxury here. with a 7 YTL price tag for a venti machiato, that is really a luxury. but my system craves for caffeine. last year in melbourne, i spent us$245 just for starbucks in a matter of 2 months. i didn’t knew but you see, i have this starbuck debit card which i got in san francisco. you can reload money to it and track it online including your purchases. and i spent that much on coffee alone with occasional cheesecake on the weekends.


i might go home earlier. like end of july earlier. well and good, i can attend the dance party my company is throwing. i did a mix and match already of clothes. and, nothing! it seems that though i have tons of clothes and bought new ones here, i have nothing to wear. 2 hours of obsessing what to wear, trying from fit low rise jeans to hanging ck to dolce and gabbana slacks to deconstructed little big jeans. i tried on 21 top -longs sleeves, sleeveless, tank tops- and even layered them. dare say i need new clothes?


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