been busy for a while now; busting my brains so i can go back. to manila sooner. i have a new found hate for ibm and their webspehere products, WAS 6.0 specifically. they have tried so hard to complicate a simple ejb 2.1 specification. enough of that…

my back and head is aching. we went to ayasofya (hagia sofia) earlier, known to the world as an architectural landmark. way back, dating to the byzantine empire (4th-5th century). i promised myself to infuse my weekend with culture after 2 weeks of geeking around websphere application server, rational application developer, websphere integration developer and other cold and hard hearted technology.  before we went to ayasofya, we passed by this mosque at eminonu then walk toward sultanamet. we were supposed to go to topkapi palace but decided to grab a bite first. al fresco restaurants are abundant in this area. quite pricey but the heck. i’m hungry and it’s a nice summer day. i need the rays. my eyes aren’t used to the sun as they were. i’ve been squinting everytime i don’t have my sunglasses.after the late lunch, we went inside ayasofya. it’s huge and impossing and really speaks of old age. there’s an ongoing conservation effort inside. i think the roof is caving in. after a lot of asians, japanese, koreans and chinese having their pictures taken, i took a post, literally, and sat at the base. after the sofya, we went to the sultanamet mosque. it so happen that it is in service and muslims were queueing for worship. we didn’t bother to go in. i lied on the slab of marble just outside, my back is killing me. yesterday we spent the whole day shopping and i have little sleep since i started packing. that made me realize the i have way too many clothes. i have several clothes that i brought here that i haven’t worn at all. as in zero, zilch.

pictures tomorrow…


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