post gratta

just finished my presentation to the turks. i think they sounded happy and impressed on what we had done  with the little time they gave us. i will be converting the CMPs to its equivalent DAOs but will still use the session beans as facades. geek overload!

roughly translated, i’m going home! yihi! flying back to manila by sunday and staying at singapore for a day. i’m coming home after 10 weeks here. or was it 11? i dunno, all i care is that i have a confirmed flight to manila via sq and i’m happy.


hagia sofia


this is the inside of ayasofya. the tukish converted this area of ayasofya to mark the way to mecca. there’s a somewhat pulpit on the right but not litted. the photo was crappy. it is huge. i always wanted a house with high ceiling but this one is O.A. over the top. when people found out that i am in turkey, istanbul to be specific, i generally get 2 reactions…

1. that i am in paradise-culture rich country. that i am spending my weekends exploring every nook and cranny of the city, taking pictures of mosque, having traditional meals. exploring every taste, sound, color and smell of this place.

2. like what my mom texted me, if it is peaceful here and if we are affected by the israel-lebanon war/dispute.

first and foremost, i am not the nook and cranny type of person. i appreciate beauty in broad daylight. i don’t want to arm myself with a magnifying glass and start looking at every corner of the city to appreciate it. weekends are spend to destress-detoxify. and i do that well by shopping. the smell of mall and new clothes soothes me. the sound of plastic(s) swiping relaxes my nerves. the color of green, gold and blue empowers me.

i do care that the our neighbouring coutries, israel and lebanon are in war. but honestly, i can only pray for them. turkey is gracious enough to receive refugees from lebanon and me spending here contributes to the turkish economy. that helps the local government in aiding the refugees. so in effect i am actually helping those affected by the war… ain’t that dandy? 😉


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