nothing to wear

it’s the flag party tomorrow and i still haven’t decided what to wear. i’m going for 2 distinct look. i bought a zara pants in istanbul. it’s a dark/choco brown that’s kinda fitted on my hips with my mustard yellow tank top and black leather shoes. it’s somewhat revealing to put it in context since the pants is kinda low rise. another look i’m going for is the rockstar look; black jeans with semi fit long sleeved light mocha shirt, blue sneakers or black leather shoes with a big buckled white canvass belt.

i’m very comfortable with tank tops. and boasting aside, i can pull off tank tops with my nice shoulders that aj likes very much. the fitted slacks with tank top, color scheme wise, is a perfect match. it’s just i’m kinda iffy with the idea of me donning a fokfok look in a company event. i have no reservations of wearing that in any ordinary gimik, i don’t mind being the center of attention once in a while, hahaha ;). the rockstar look would certainly blend with the theme of the party as well as the many people attending but that’s my problem. it blends. it’s somewhat devoided of a personality, well in my pov. you know me, i like to be different, i don’t want just to blend in. i  make statements (yabang!). but the fokfok look might just make too much a statement for my liking…

what to wear… what to wear…


2 thoughts on “nothing to wear

  1. good choice 🙂 (although fokfok look or not, i know that you’ll certainly win the glam male anytime ;))

    til the next FLAG event! Mabuhay ang mga Flag!

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