fuss over a senile

man of the hour, isagani cruz. the senile man, ok, senile former supreme court justice who had his 1 cent (it’s not 2, read the column and you’ll agree) published at the august 12 edition of the inquirer. typical macho filipino, blah blah blah. reading the column, admitedly my brows took turns in disagreement. but knowing that it’s an old man who wrote the column, i quickly took everything in jest. he has an idea of how the filipino should be like. i completely disagree of course but it’s his opinion and everyone is entitled to one even how perverse and distraught it may be. the man is completely out of touch with the filipino community, with change. good thing he is no longer a public servant, i believe he won’t do the filipino people justice. let him write whatever part of his brain that function and be published to whatever. let him enjoy the freedom he is trying to deprive us, or at least trying to deprive us. it’s about being the bigger man. let us show him that we are as man as his 5 macho sons, even better with matching belt and shoes in tailored signature suits and sculptured body.


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