i think i’m on of those people who’ll eventually die, alone, not knowing the supposedly ONE for me. no kidding. i will forever be the one who always let the one get away. it’s not that being alone is sad, because it is not. most of the time i like being alone; with my ipod or a good book over a steaming cup of freshly brewed  coffee. being alone have perks that i enjoy thoroughly. but at times, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. you ask why. you see couples snuggling and stealing kisses at the mrt, whispering sweet nothings. at the coffee shop, sharing that venti frap you ordered and a bagel with cream cheese.

acceptance is the first step. recognizing facts and your wants and whould be-s. stuffing myself silly and hoping everything would go away, i miss out. well there’s always the avocado shake that i am into right now.

i will be the forever man who cried wolf.


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