to the great beyond

september is the employee appreciation month of our company. read as the month were increase and promotions are announced. this is also the time, until end of the year were people decide to severe their relationship with the company. i have to say that i am grateful with my company. their confidence and opportunities they gave me for the last 3 years are very rewarding and satisfying. though there is no “perfect” employer, i do share several sentiments against the firm.

i am now in the verge of deciding what will happen to me. career wise, i am certain after 29 years of existence and oxygen/carbon monoxide breathing that i will be still in the i.t. industry. but to which firm, i have yet to decide and ponder on. the grass is greener on the side of the fence so they say. and calls and offers i am receiving from the other side of the fence seems to validate that notion.

i miss the simplicty of it all.


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