the day after tomorrow

yesterday, me, dahon and kat had coffee greenbelt 3. it was suppose to be dinner and coffee but rose’s and my schedule couldn’t agree that i joine them for coffee after their dinner. i was our ussual coffee times, reminiscing of good old times and our frustrations in life. how we all hate the new breeds of suwails in the work place.

we are actually planning out weekend together; it’s kat’s last weekend before she leaves again for connecticutcincinatti. supposedly, we are to go to the dressmaker for irish and alvin‘s entourage for their upcoming wedding. that’s in the morning. i suggested that we do what we used to do way back when we were starting out at our first company; friendship bonded in fire ala lord of the rings. maybe billiards at marbles in las pinas and/or cosmic bowling at festival mall. dinner at siam taste and coffee afterwards… i hope that i can wake up earlier than my weekend wake up call.


4 thoughts on “the day after tomorrow

  1. tsong, sa cincinnati ako, nde sa connecticut. 🙂 sayang, nde na natuloy ang weekend gimik natin. sana paguwi ko, tuloy na tuloy na. hehehe!

  2. hahaha! somebody is really a good friend, what a listener! maryosep, isang taon na si kat duon, kala mo pa rin connecticut??

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