big baby

after my out-of-the-body-experience post, i’m glad to say that i am fully operational, though my left knee still jerks from time to time and my upper left lip twitches, am back.

let me hate myself a little more since i will not be able to do my to-do list. i got back from istanbul by first week of august. did my usual routine, or tried to at least. a month later, after a long day at the office, i got home and saw a pile of letters all form metrobank. as it seems they have increased my credit limit (1 mail), congratulating me for acquiring 25,000++ rewards points (1 mail), my pin for my visa card so i can withdraw money from the atm (1 mail) and the dreaded monthy statement. i know i have been a little extravagant to myself and to friends (admit it!) this month. i love to pamper myself after a very tiring day or a very long journey. i did more than my usual shopping… like 100k shopping to be exact. spend less my ass! to my  defense, all is not in luxury. i bought a flat 19″ wide screen monitor for my laptop. am being kind to my eyes (health!) and it emits less radiation and heat (environment friendly!). and i did shop for my nephews and nieces.

[someone might kill me]… i might go back to istanbul. if all hell breaks loose, the whole team will go back there. and i will lead them to the pits of hell. my manager, argued that in any case not the whole team, which made me :). then pointed out that i will still be part of the team that will deliver the product onshore, :(. so if the manila delivery team won’t meet the criteria on the first milestone, my ass is off to shawarma land. [am feeling irish’s wrath…] am bargaining though that we’ll come back christmas time and be back right after. and christmas time starts at december 14, 2 days before irish’s grand-event-of-the-millenia-all-star-cast wedding. 🙂 have i told you it’s for until february next year?

friend-who-don’t-want-to-be-named will be leaving earlier that expected. my gimik buddy for the last 2 years will be leaving for the swiss canal. well if i am to leave for istanbul again, i might drop by to the swiss alps and ski my way back to constantinople via the frozen black sea. never been to switzerland… i wonder if the snow there is whiter than the snow in alaska. 😀

richard is in korea eating kimchi. hopefully he’ll bring me an autographed picture of martin. hay….

schizo who is with a new company now is, like me, bored as hell with work. don’t get us wrong, we are stump to our necks with work. but we’re bored doing it. it so happen that we are getting tired doing the same old thing. he wanted to quit but is like me, up-to our waist in debt. freaking plastics! and he’s crediting me for introducing him to beautiful things… is that bad?

everyone’s out of the country or leaving…


5 thoughts on “big baby

  1. you are so screwed. pogs be there. many people will kill you. I will not walk alone holding the cord by myself!

    On the other hand hmmm….spotlight’s on me, me me and me alone!

    Serious, inform your boss NOW. you have to be here on the 16th.

  2. i agree!

    nak ng pating, pogs. di lang sina rish at alvin ang papatay sa iyo, pramis. kahit na dumating ka ng 16 ng umaga at dumiretso ka sa wedding, ok lang. sabi nga ni tim gunn, make it work! 😛

  3. paawa : wala ka sa kasal?

    pakonsensya : kaya mo kong tiisin????

    threatening : pogs, pag di ka pumunta.. itatago ko ang cord. magrereunion sila ng leeg mo! hmph!


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