nails, done

i am officially a homebody. for the longest time i haven’t set foot in any club. and the closest to a gimick i was at was coffee with the girls. am not complaining, but rather keeping a pragmatic view of things. i do love to just lay around on my bed, reading my over due books and going online…

 i was supposed to go out last saturday and hangout with alfred however the rained poured and i was trapped at home. when the rain finally let up after 45 minutes, i decided not to go anymore. i am the epitome of all dressed up but nowhere to go. when my mom saw me when she got home, she asked me if i just arrived. i told her i was about to leave but the blasted rain came out from nowhere and dampen my going-out spirit. i texted alfred yesterday and apologized. we reset everything for next week, rain or no rain. hopefully my party spirit is soaring high by that time.

 i am settling back to my old sunday routine, yoga in the afternoon and hangout in the coffeeshop on the evening. little by little i am pacing though the new timothy james beck novel which i only read during my sunday evening coffeeshop moments. my schedule is so tied up that i can only manage approximately 3 hours of reading a week. yoga was better, i didn’t do my last week’s 3-hour yoga, which is insane if you ask me, just 1 session and 3o minutes more of stretching. i wanted to squat at the dry sauna but a lot of people were using it, and you know me and crowd. bad-idea. i went to the steam room instead but just the same. i stayed for just a couple of minutes and showered.

i’m out!


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