kinky boots


let me rave about this movie, kinky boots. i first saw this on the plane. i was browsing the kris movie guide, istanbul to singapore is a 12 hour ride and i don’t plan to just sit on the plane and sleep. the film is not that arresting at first. the poster is not asinteresting as the movie but i somehow manage to read the synopsis and was really intrigued. i planned to watch after another movie that i forgot the title of. it’s the one with sarah jessica parker and matthew mc conaughey.

 i love the movie! kinky boots that is. the soundtrack is to die for. specially cha cha heels and in these shoes by kirsty maccoll. i couldn’t stop shaking my booty while in my seat. but it’s not all sing-song. i was moved by the plot of the story. it’s no connie and carla, i mean this movie is based on a true story and you can really feel the heart of the movie. i love lola very much. his(her) heart that is so giving and understanding. her resolve and strength. i sometimes wish i can be that strong, no resentments.

i strongly suggest that if you must see a movie this year, make it kinky boots. it started showing yesterday at greenbelt 3 and glorietta 4.


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