i didn’t go out today. i woke up late and just stayed home. i don’t have the eagerness and will to go to yoga class. and the rain doesn’t do much help. i immersed myself in the tivo, internet from time to time. i really don’t watch tagalog movies in the big screen, with the exception of ‘soltera’ which i watched with my favorite tita and  ‘pagdadalaga ni maximo oliveros’. i get my dose of filipino movies at cinema one and sine pinoy in the cable. like this one time, i was able to catch ‘kung ako na lang sana’starring aga mulach and sharon cuneta. i really like the movie, though i feel it’s like a tribute or more like a rip-off of my bestfriend’s wedding-the pact thingy. and sine pinoy shows old-old movies. like in my childhood and pre-childhood. like this one time, it showed ‘zuma’ and ‘anak ni zuma’. classic!

early, i watched got to believe at cinema one. i know, it’s cheesy. but humor me here. the movie is a no brainer, like most romantic sappy movies. but it’s a sunday and my synaptic receptors doesn’t function on this day. neural nets gets untangled and will not process any complex pattern. but it left a mark. it made me think, well one line that is. as nikki valdez was talking to claudine baretto regarding her lovelife, she said… mr. right doesn’t have to be mr. perfect. and it hit me. i was always led to believe, or so i made myself to think, mr. right is mr. perfect, or the other way around. and it made me wonder, a lot of guys i go out with, that i find interesting, doesn’t seem to fit what i want in a guy. it’s like setting myself up for disappointments, measuring someone against a planned guy in my mind. i hate to admit it, but maybe i got this wrong.

let’s sing it together, mr. right doesn’t have to be mr. perfect. now change gear, don’t find mr. perfect, find mr. right.

calling number 453, you may now audition.


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