aimless wandering

finally! as of yesterday, power has been restored in our place. the whole village is now well lit and shining. i think the neighbourhood celebrated the resumption of electricity by turning on anything that emits light. i no longer endure the sound of a generator buzzing to give me comfort to sleep. i mean it’s an oxymoron. we had the generator to power the fan and give us light so we can sleep better yet i can’t sleep because of the darn noise it makes. however, certain amenities are still lacking. my dsl won’t be back till this weekend, dsl guys will be at home trying to fix things. phone lines are busted as well and we have no cable. so i am actually stuck at home with nothing to do. so most probably, until the return of those stuff, i’ll be a mall rat.


 nagging headache. been doing work non-stop and still doing it. i blame the schedule. hehehe. nah… workaholic man. though not a psychological disorder but a psychological issue. i have many disorder, my life being one big disorder. if only it is as easy as buying an organizer. i’m 80% that we are flying back to istanbul. hopefully the plane-hijacking in turkey would stop that. but global (big brother-global watch) haven’t advice nor put turkey in the red. so visa requirements prep is still on the way.


i need a break. a vacation, a long hiatius. i need to get a way.


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