stone cold

i’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately. stuffy nose to the point that i can’t comprehend what i was saying. my whole body aches, and after 2 full body massages this week, still aching. i’ve read somewhere that sometimes our immune system gets whacked off that the body produces toxins and antibodies that actually does harm. i think this is how my body is reacting with the fact that i am leaving for istanbul…

about that one. with a dash of good luck, i might be able to get off from that. see, though i’m a very logical guy, i believe in fate. yes, fate. and if fate would have me fly to istanbul, i would accept it. but fate as you see had geared me towards another path, with constant nagging and praying. all i need is to have my flight delayed by november 4 and i’ll see what fate is in-store for me. hopefully a change in environment and a better life. but as of the moment, it’s istanbul for me unless a real and solid plan materializes in front of me.


i got a new fone. it’s a nokia n70.  i got it free from my retention plan with smart. one thing i like with smart is that they have their retention plan once your contract expires unlike with globe that i have to cancel my line and get a new one, thus new number. the phone’s kinda nifty but i like sony ericsson k610i’s rss feed reader.  where i can read blogs on my phone rather that going online. yes people, all of the blogs that i frequent that have rss feed on is on my phone. so i still read it. but n70’s big screen flash camera. and it’s pda like interfaces that actually saves me moolah-no need for pdas. the keypad is a little off for me, too small keys for my big fingers  that i tend to push a different button. but all in all, it’s a nice phone and it’s free! so why complain.


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