dear irish,

Good day.

It has been a crazy month with the project. I believe it has brought the best from the people and empowered them to step up and be involved with the direction of the project. These opportunities also brought people together and re-establish a sense of family and togetherness within the team. This also gave me the chance to think and reevaluate my priorities and values and factors involving work and office environment.

Regretfully, I would like to inform you that I have decided to decline the opportunity to go to Istanbul this November 18. It might be a little late and would have been better if I would have communicated this earlier, but I believe it is in the best interest of the project. I have decided to leave the company effective December 15, 2006 to pursue a career aligned to my priorities and values. <company name> has a good sense of values but however I must follow my own priorities. I hope that you do not think that my decision to leave the company is based on the project’s standing. Though admittedly it has shared some driving factors but I have come to this decision considering my values and priorities.

I would like to take this chance to thank you for the trust and confidence you have given to me to lead <company name> people. I hoped that I didn’t disappoint you. I would like to thank <company name> for the opportunities that helped me developed not only my technical skills but also knowledge in dealing with people and to be more professional. <company name> people who have inspired me and whom I look up to; you have influenced me to become a better person. 


I will make a month long plan to transition my roles, responsibilities and knowledge to the one whom you will appoint to take my place. If you decided still to send me to Istanbul, I will do so but my effective resignation date will still be on December 15, 2006. I will continue to commit my best effort to deliver the project’s commitment to the client. 


It has been a privilege to work with you under <certain group>. Though <certain group> has a long way to go, I believe that you are taking the group to the right direction and I am proud be under this group.

I don’t believe in burning bridges, with any luck, and a hand with fate, we’ll all see each other again. Consider this as my resignation.


5 thoughts on “dear irish,

  1. tsong, anong nangyari? you finally decided to leave the company, huh? saan ka na next? kuwento ka! does this mean andito ka sa kasal nina rish? 🙂

  2. i’m really so out of the loop lately. imagine knowing this only through your blog. pero dearie, i totally admire you for this decision. good luck!

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