wedding diva

i’m afraid. last time i’ve talked to irish, she was able to reprint the invitations and included me in the entourage. originally i am to bind them as one, however i have to decline, i was supposed to be back at istanbul. now with my many problems and realization, i will be back in the entourage. that’s cool. i mean i get to exercise my knot tying skill that i’ve picked up when i was still in boys scout. sheep shank, dog shank, square knot, bowline… those stuff. and parade my new shoes. but, it has been years since i last wore a barong. their motif of brown and pink is splendid, well brown and orange would have been better, think hermes, but filipiniana… i have to wear barong! and i don’t know if gucci does barong!

can i pull it off? hopefully i can. i need to find a good tailor for this. and have to consult the groom’s tailor as well. i don’t want to outdo him. well i did outdo my brother-in-law during his wedding with my sister 5 years ago. i had a double breasted black suit made while he was just wearing a simple jacket. don’t worry rish, i won’t do it again. i promise that i will try. 😉

since i’m partnering with dahon, i have to make sure she step up with her her fashion. so i have to plan her hair style as well. i did picked out the cut of her dress, complements her nice shoulders. but there’s more to it than nice dresses. dahon, don’t do an all nighter in that week. i need you fresh on the 16th. i know you love your work, but for this once, try not to. if not for irish, for me? you’re walking with a narcissistic bitch mind you. i need everything to be perfect…


5 thoughts on “wedding diva

  1. ni di ko malaman ano irereply ko dito.

    Since i’m partnering with you, could you please make sure you step up to be at least 80% clothed and the hair not pointing to the ceiling?

    Sige na please, I don’t care if you go outrageous, you can take this up to irish but SUPERRRRRR please be decent! It would complement my nice shoulders.

  2. hahaha… natawa ako sa comment ni rose. 🙂

    i am so looking forward to the wedding. aside from it being a wonderful celebration of irish and alvin’s union, it’s going to be a super wonderful and fabulous reunion for us! woohooo! 🙂

  3. naku! katttttt i need your help!!!

    im not expecting much from these two, but please make sure they are BOTH presentable, at least… you know, clean nails, brushed teeth… hehehehe

  4. magpapakabait yang dalawang yan kasi itatakwil yan ng tsongers kung hindi. 🙂

    excited na akooooo!!! (although bilog pa rin) 😀

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