pinoy digital indie films

i watched the digital film festival at robinson galleria mall yesterday. it was the last day of screening. i’ve invited dahon but she had a prior engagement. so i’ve invited behbi to go with me instead. his name isn’t really behbi but when we were dating, i used to call him that. no, we are not dating again. we are now friends, just that. we banter and kid each other while strolling at the mall like 2 giddy pubescent gay teens.

it’s a good thing that i’ve invited behbi along, you see he knows a guy with the film festival staff that we were able to get in for free. this film festival is not cheap. french and german film festival charges only PhP30.00 and it’s showing at the greenbelt 3 theater. but this one, they charge PhP101.00, no way cheap-o. i really wanted to catch pandanggo, while behbi was set on watching metlogs. we both watched it, both free hehehehe. sneaky bastards…

pandanggo is collage of 3 stories, all intertwined by dance. i won’t get into the details of the stories other than they really don’t continue one another. i don’t know if it was the intention of the filmmakers (there were 3 directors), some effort to be artsy, but i do like some of the scenes, specially that of the 3rd story. the dance interpretation was, should i say mind boggling. it’s not your usual variety show, well choreographed kicks and turns. the passion was intense and raw that you’ll get into the actor’s emotional state. i thought the movie was a documentary of philippine dances, i was disappointed to find otherwise. but however the 3rd plot pulled it for me. i love the lines and shadows. the woman at sea dancing in the bamboo raft, the woman possessed and being treated by the common arbularyo. behbi was awed, like open mouthed awe. it’s a wtf (what-the-f*ck) movie for him. we left the cinema for an early dinner…

metlogs, like in the excerpts at cinema one, made no attempt to be indie; it will not make you think. but it does strike a chord in one’s being. it’s gay oriented but not your typical bold movies, warm bodies gyrating to the sound of ‘total eclipse of the heart’. it’s a story of 3 teens who were trying it out in the big, bad world of manila and their ‘mother’ who took them under his grace. metrosexual jologs is documentary attempt of how teens are today. their lifestyle, aspirations, relationships and attempt at love. i was impressed that at the attempt of keeping the story light, it became funny and realistic. there were no attempt to be preachy or trying hard to be artsy. it’s an in-your-face account of the lives of the 3 main characters. one is trying to fit-in with a snob, socialite-wannabe group, another is a dance instructor who fell in love with his matronic patron and the other one, a tired kid who tries to meet his dreams. the film shows how they struggle with their inner demons and that of the city. but like what the movie said, daanin mo sa porma. the movie tries to be shallow, but really, it’s not. it will make you think and feel and aspire. it did for me. though editting was a total crap…


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