good ol’ days

i am so excited. 2 weeks from now, dear friends will tie the knot, and i, together with dahon, will be the one carrying the cord to tie them. of course i will expertly tie them so the alvin can’t escape.  early today, we went to the dressmaker for the entourage’s fitting. dana was there with mami bing, dahon, kat, eden, and next in line to tie the knot, tin and andrew. even martha who came straight from the airport followed.

we were somewhat surprised that the gowns were not what we had hoped for, or actually what we taught. all of them did not fit well. it’s too tight on some part and loose on the ends. well from what i see, it’s not really 100% done. good thing since they really have to alter because none fit.  though i have to say i love the colors. very rich tafetta brown, somewhat bronzy. and baby pink. later after the fitting, the decided to have dinner at conti’s, somewhere in bf ressort. i still don’t have a barong to wear. i went to a barongstore in festival mall but really rtw is not my style and they don’t really fit me. good thing i ran out of money was checking all atms near conti’s that i was able to find a tailor that does barong. i wasn’t able to withdraw but by december 14 i’ll have my barong with me. got shoes and pants, all i need is a runway… 😉

but that wasn’t the reason i got excited. seeing them all, us all in one place brings back memories. tsongers will always be in my heart.





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