4 days to go

i’ll be liberated from the techno savy world of IT this friday. yes, this friday is my last day at work. it’s a bitter sweet day for me. i’ll be walking out from a world that has been part of my life for almost 7 years. a safe place, a haven. but i guess i need to do this. i need to step out and see what is out there, beyond the safe boundaries of my cocoon. i think i’m growing up. this is me growing up, finding my place in this world. i have come to think, question myself if IT is something i am good at but is not meant for me. the artist in me seeks nourishment, my heart wants to run free. free from the boundaries of syntaxes and compilers, of application servers, containers and badly designed architecture.

maybe this is also my father’s way of talking to me. i’ve remember, that one has to leave a legacy, a mark for one to be remembered. i don’t believe that i can leave a legacy if i am still in a cubicle with a desktop computer. i will not leave a legacy with the aid of a cold hearted machine who can not think by it’s own. my father would not want that.  i don’t want that…

 so here i am. braving the world out there. with no  security i step out from my bubble to the great beyond…


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