happiness in a bag

all this bouts of loneliness shit, it is so not me. last week, with yaya in tow,  we went to greenbelt 4 for a good ol’ pick me up. am  not a prostitute dim wit! though that would be ok as well, easy buck… i went to gucci to infuse myself with something beautiful to see, feel, smell and hang on my shoulder or carried by my hand. i have been skipping buying shoes, for the life of me, my shoes needs their own closet. and closet space is something i don’t have. i already converted a spare room to a walk in closet. so as of last month, it’s all about bags for me, the 2nd obssession i have.

so to keepmake myself happy (who said happiness can’t be bought?), i bought myself a gucci bag. with mom, we went to gucci on the weekend and bought it. she has the rustan’s discount card.

 my tote

it so look good on my shoulders. this happiness would last me a month i think. what’s next…


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