au revoir…

i will miss cybergate tower 1, 5.72D. i will miss the fresh fruit shake stand the mall beside the office. i will miss coffee experience and its people who gives me 10% off my final tab. i will miss jona’s pares and their siomai mami.

 today, is the last day i hold office in this cubicle. bags packed. half a smile. i will certainly miss its people whom i loved so much…


4 thoughts on “au revoir…

  1. pare, i am saddened that we’re not part of the same organization anymore. but of course, you have to follow ur heart, ur dream.

    i know u’ll do great kung san mo man feel na mag-nest and magland for awhile before another flight…

    good luck ‘dre!

  2. leaving has always been painful for me, so i guess it’s painful for you too. but i’m guessing you have a pretty good reason for leaving. goodluck. 🙂

  3. lola, i will miss you! i’m sure we’ll still gonna see each other pa naman so this is not yet goodbye but it’s just see ya later…

    hope you’ll find true happiness both in your career and lovelife. keep in touch!

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