i love viktor jeans. i really do. i just had my 4th pair done since september.  though i love my 2nd pair more. the blue-grey one that so skinny-jean-y that i can’t actually use the pockets as pockets. no complains, it does look good on me. yesterday i picked up a looser version of that, not baggy though. i have 3 skinny jeans, i need a relax one but still retains my signature. if you don’t know, well i guess you just have to see me in my viktor. i love the people there, so helpful and very accommodating. i’m getting hooked!


christmas is on the fast track, 2 of my friends got married this month alone (i’ll be attending reno’s in a little while), i feel old. this is my 29th christmas and n weddings. i’m planing to throw a singles party. not the type that all singles mingle and hope to get hitched (in my case, hooked) but rather a singles appreciation day. a day where we gloat at married people and how they are tied for the rest of their lives to one person. and of course they have to give us gifts. dammit! i’ve spent gazzilion bucks giving gifts, preparing for the wedding, clothes and what not. it’s time that them married people do that to us single people.


i’ve been drinking coffee way too much lately. since monday, i’ve consumed 2 venti sized brewed coffee a day. it’s crazy! my doctor will kill me, but i guess the coffee will beat him to the punch. maybe i can sue starbucks… like chain smokers suing tobacco companies, i think i can sue them. caffeine is definitely addictive.


speaking of coffee, krispy kreme is opening its doors today at megamall. yes, there is now a krispy kreme in manila. the first ever customer gets a year supply for free. i don’t see/taste the difference. when i was in the us, on of the things that i set straight is the ranting of people that krispy kreme is the best doughnut ever. when i was in japan, i love mr. donut. very good and in no way the league of dunkin donuts and mr. donut  in manila. when gonuts donuts came into play, finally, manila has its own good donut. so when i was in san francisco, i ordered a boxed of over priced donuts (freaking california tax made the donut expensive at us$0.85). it was really a downer for me. this? this is it? all that yadda-yadda talk for nothing. maybe i was expecting too much, so when i was in princeton, we drove some 45 miles north to wilmington for a box of the so called delicious donut. nah… still no good. i’ll stick to gonuts anytime. tip, if you are near the delaware area, i suggest a pitstop, they are a tax free state. 😉


i’m ready to invent now…


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