ice cream, i want ice cream

dating back… some 18 months ago. i was in philly then. we were on the quest for the best ice cream. we travelled 50 miles to philadelphia for scoop de ville. supposed to be the best ice cream in the u.s. and i have to agree. more expensive than hagan daaz but it’s so creamy and it’s so temptingly delicious. i bought a tub on the way back. good thing it was late winter then, it did made back to the hotel i was staying. i took a picture of the signage on the door:

maron chocolate

 i even bought a commemorative t-shirt to remind me of my trip. christian was asking me for the shirt when we got back to manila. but no dice. it’s quite expensive but most important of all, it really is a nice shirt. i wanna go back to the capitol state.


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