2007 to-dos

ok, it’s that time of the year again… it’s the last day of 2006 so i need to do a to-do list for 2007. some calls it as new year’s resolution but it’s just crap. i rather call mine to-do list, it’s more professional and it sounds that i really have to do it…

for 2007, i think i need to do the following things:

  • spend less, REALLY
  • find my OWN new place near the office, or just in the metro
  • give back to the community, not just money but time as well
  • read more
  • enroll to dance school
  • take care of my health

as you can see, i did not give that much emphasis to my career as an i.t. professional. i think it contradicts with my other objectives in life. anyway, i believe that i have reached a comforting level and security in my career that i will be now focusing in my other agenda, myself. but of course i will still be kicking ass ass an i.t. guy, that’s where i will get my budget to do my other thingys but not as much as before. i will attend to my creative side. i wanna dance again.

closing the year, 2006 was fruitful for me for the following reasons:

  • i have helped bella flores to have taste
  • i have continued to be beautiful
  • been outdoorsy in a way
  • i have helped tonette to be more fashionable
  • i have been less bitchy; i opted not to talk than to talk thrash to someone

but, the most of all my 2006 news is that i  have left the company i called home for the last 3 years. it has been a very hard thing to do unlike my first company. the friends i have, the relationships built, the comfort of knowing. but i guess i really have to. let’s start the year in style… ;-).



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