think ahead, plan ahead…

i have finally committed myself. i will be going on vacation by march 9 till 11 at cebu. i am a stickler for schedule however i can’t seem to commit myself for something that is beyond a month. i have this fear of not actually doing what i am suppose to do. you see, my life is full of surprises, of instant events that demands equal instant action and reaction. and long term planning is not something i am good at.

but however, this time it’s different. i already have a plane ticket. i will be going to cebu, dammit! i will have my vacation, my long overdue vacation and no one, no bug, no design flaw will stop me from soaking the sun till my my skin is golden tan. and i will be using that time to actually finish some books i bought early 2006, some even 2005, that i haven’t finished. i commit, i commit to finish celestine prophecy. i will…



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