eat eat eat

i need to gain weight. i lost around 5-8 lbs when i was hospitalized. mom’s blaming me since i weren’t eating the whole time i was in hospital. but the sight of hospital tray food makes me loose my appetite and really, i wasn’t in the eating mood then. i tried eating congee but after 3 spoonful, i was almost throwing up. my stomach can’t take all the food.

so starting last friday, i was eating again. more than i could bargain. i had shabu-shabu till i couldn’t eat anymore. i spent my whole weekend eating. eating and eating till i couldn’t eat. last saturday we went to serendra at the fort. had pasta at larry’s which i have to say is not that appetizing and not worth your money. everytime a new dish was taken out of the kitchen, my nose follows the scent. and i keep asking the waiter to bring me a plate of whatever i smelled. i was literally ordering the whole menu. i was that hungry, or say food deprived when i was hospitalized. yesterday, dahon and i went out. we were suppose to shop, but for some reason i weren’t able to. i only bought a light jacket that i can use at the office. i was trying to persuade dahon to buy the tote bag for her laptop at salt, a shop at rustan’s. but she forgot her rustan’s card and didn’t buy the really nice bag. we didn’t bother with our scheduled spa treatment at the spa, i lost my enthusiasm for a good massage over shopping. but for the life of me, i only bought the light jacket, and no more. we ate at masas in greenbelt 2. food overload! we ordered bulalo, laing and boneless crispy pata that is as good as the boned one because it’s too crispy. sad to say, the food is not as great as it use to be. we decided to cap the night over cakes at coffee bean with tales of how it is in the office. woes and frustrations…

yesterday i had my braces adjusted. i have to there are improvements, my jaw is now aligned. yep, i have a misaligned jaw. you can’t really tell but when you put your fingers at my jaw and yawned or opened my mouth you could feel my jaw in an ‘s‘ like motion when i close my mouth. it’s called the tmj or temporomandibular joint. my tmj is misaligned that’s why i have those chronic migraine. now my jaw is better. and my lower teeth is slowly aligning as well.  almost a year of braces, at least i can see and feel the results.

now, i just really need to gain weight… ideas anyone?


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