watashi wa enpitsu desu

mukha akong hapon dito


now i don’t wonder that when i’m on foreign land people suddenly bow towards me saying konichiwa. but i am not japanese, not a single drop. my mom is chinese and my dad is spanish-filipino. so, you see, there is no way i can be part japanese. but i do look like a japanese guy. hay, sometimes it’s so frustrating that i contemplated on having my eyes done and have a deep set eyes. but no, i’m not doing that. ぼくは日本人でわない。フィリピン人です。 o ha! marunong pa akong mag hapon. :-p i still can manage little nihongo when needed. the picture was taken at rumeli sarayi in istanbul.

let me plug, see my tote there? i love, love that tote bag. i bought it at carbon, here in manila. it’s a nice bag to carry around the metro, i just dump everything in.

 listening to in these shoes – kirsty maccoll from the soundtrack of kinky boots. if you love shoes more than men, this song is for you. 😉


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