this is my new addiction…


my bag to date have this stringed key holder. which is very nice, you won’t lose your keys anymore. for me, my mobile phone. i always seem to lose my phone. now it’s attached to my bag! i can’t imagine me losing my mobile again. the black bear is a gift from dahon. she bought a tote bag at salt with that bag charm. she doesn’t like it, with the wrong grammar and spelling in the bear’s tummy. mom gave me the chinese charms. one is my chinese astral sign, the snake. the other charm, assortment of semi-precious stones and metallic charms was also a gift from mom. well sorta, because i just snatched it from her bag 😀 . the one on my phone is a customed made phonecharm from megamall. it’s really nice, it has my initials. i wanted to spell my name but it seem that they don’t have the letter “i” in stock. it has a pink and white pendant at the end which adds an extra oomph! i’ve asked the sales person to add a snap on lock so i can hook it to my bag’s stringed key holder.

but you won’t see these bag charms readily, it’s somewhere inside my bag. well the string is somewhat long and it’s a key holder, to be kept inside the bag. it’s really nice. very fresh. 🙂


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