cher boots

jemima khan boots

gawd! beautiful boots! specially that of cher’s. these are custom boots of famous personalities that are on auction for elton john’s AIDS foundation. both boots have been sold for an undisclosed amount. though the boots of jemima khan is more like a strappy stilettos. listening to kinky boots medley – chiwetel ejiofor while appreciating these lovelies. by the way, chiwetel ejiofor was nominated for best actor in a lead role for a musical or comedy at the golden globes for his role in kinky boots. though he wasn’t able to bag the award, borat won, i’m still a big fan. i just can’t stop ranting about this movie. i love, love this movie. go on and find a dvd copy, i tell you, you’ll fall in love. more so if you’re a shoe person like me.

some quotables from the movie:

  • lola – sex shouldn’t be comfy. (amen to that!) 
  • charlie price – you are now making 2 1/2 feet of irresistible, tubular sex!

i’m waiting for dreamgirls to be shown here in manila. i hate to sound like a sellout, but i was able to watch dreamgirls in broadway and i really like the plot and of course, the show. i know jennifer hudson was great in this movie, to think this is her first acting job. bitchy and diva fits jennifer hudson although i believe she’s a down to earth type of person. earlier i’ve audio blogged the 2 songs sung by j-hud at the movie. now i’m giving you, as a treat, and i am telling you i’m not going – jennifer holiday. jennifer holiday was the original ephie white, the original diva. she won a tony for her role in the musical. she was, and is, the quintessential ephie white. drama and attitude.


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