movie marathon

this weekend was a movie weekend for me. my last movie before this was the devil wears prada.

saturday was a drag for me, since i am hibernating from anything short of a gimik. when dahon sent an instant message inviting me for a dinner/movie/spa/whatever, i readily said yes. carefully choosing what to wear, i opted for my blue-grey skinny jeans from viktor and a sleeveless, hooded top from jimmy key‘s rockstar line. this is not a gimik. traffic at the SLEX was terrible; a moving van had a breakdown in the middle of the expressway that it took me an extra 30 minutes to get to glorieta, where i’m suppose to meet dahon. around 10-15 minutes after i got to breadtalk, dahon showed up and we immediately boarded a cab to eastwood in libis. we are to watch little children. talk about tripping!  good thing there was no traffic at C-5 and we were able to get at the cinema on-sched. the movie was, as the freakish college student in libis would say, ‘ayt. it’s not something that would move mountains but will compel you to actually think of what you will do in their place. i would definitely have an affair, like kate winslet did, with the ‘prom king’ patrick wilson. such a hottie! after, we scouted the mini bazaar/tiange nearby. i am desperately looking for a white skinny belt. and no luck. there was one, however i don’t like the material and i think it would only last me 3 wears. we ate at recipes after scouting several shops and restaurants, and had tilapia fingers and gising-gising. it’s a fish and vegetable course respectively. we have some leftovers that we decidedly to take home, for sunday lunch. dahon treated me for hot cocoa at cafe xocolat. very, very rich chocolate drink. i would have love it, if not for my overly sensitive taste buds lately. read some old mags at the cafe. we decided to hit home by 1.00am, but stopped over at a tiange where i bought this native necklace. dahon got a pair of earrings.

sunday, we woke up late. i actually woke up early but decided to sleep some more. dahon was able to finish (which i doubt) her SOW. we decidedly to get out of bed around 11.30am. she cooked rice and heated some leftovers we had. had flan for dessert. war of the worlds showing at hbo. she watched as i go over her mags. readied ourselves and left her pad at almost 4.00pm.  she has to go to the office to send the SOW, and i decided to hit the malls for some light shopping. i managed to buy a really nice jacket at tyler and a gold, studded skinny belt at human. there was this large, black  tote at human that i like, bought it and am using it now as my laptop bag. almost an hour and a half, i’ve met up with kat. they, together with her mom, were shopping for a bathing suit for out cebu, bantayan island escapade on march. we hanged out at fuzzion while tita heard mass. i had the king-kong drink (with wye protein and other healthy stuff), kat ordered this peach-lychee-mango drink and we had mango chocolate moose. texting dahon in  between, she managed to catch up by 7.00pm (see! 3 hours of mailing). we bought tickets for babel and had dinner at blue ginger. the tom yang goon was ok, spicy and hot. and the basil chicken was ok as well, though the basil seem to overpower the chicken more. by 8.20pm, we went to cinema 5 of greenbelt 3 for babel. ok, when i was researching the screen time of babel at, i’ve seen a review saying that it is depressing than real life and gave it 1 star. don’t get me wrong, the acting were superb, but it is really depressing. i was trying to find something good about the film. well the end was fine, relationships restored, love conquers all… those shit. let me share this scene to you… love according to the movie babel: french kissing while holding your wife, peeing in a basin you are holding. ain’t it hott? 😀 specially it was brad pitt holding the basin.


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