shoe guy speaks…

let me diss out people. i promised to be nicer, but come on! i can’t keep quiet on this one…

what is it with filipinos and their rubber shoes? really. you see them walking the streets, malls and (gasped!) the office with this fashion faux pas. i have 2 trainers (that i haven’t worn for the last 5 months) but you wouldn’t see me in the streets with these fashion blunder. you see, you should NEVER, ever wear rubber shoes as casual shoes once you start working. more so as office footwear. unless you are a kid, or thinks and acts like one, then i guess you can wear those shoes that flashes light each step you take. please, for the life of me and everything pleasant to the eyes, stop it. it’s a sight for sore eyes. rubber shoes should be worn with your sweat pants, gym clothes, basketball uniform and whatever sporting clothes you have. not with jeans, the style is soooo 80’s. more importantly, not with your slacks/khakis/dress pants. please, please, please, let me correct your fashion statement, and indeed it’s a statement. if you wanna go for comfort, wear sneakers, even flip flops, but not your trainers please. can you imagine yourself in skinny jeans and rubber shoes? gawd! awful combination! filipinos should learn the basics of dressing and matching. during the 50’s, we’re 2nd to paris when it comes to fashion, now we’re no where in the list. even surpassed by tokyo, japan when it comes to dressing up.  the european dessigners are now into euro-tokyo, just look at john galliano‘s collection for dior.

 i feel uninspired, when it comes to dressing up. though i still manage to put on a knock out (naks!) garb, but really, there’s no point. no prospect to show off to. office with an indiffent belief in dressing in the workplace. i’m dressing up for myself, how lonely can that be? mediocre is not a standard people! step up!

it’s the start of february. you know what that means… next month is my birthday. hahaha 😛 as much as i want not to say it, but the whole world, even the display window in glorrieta and megamall, is trying to remind me that it’s valentines. love commercialized is what i would call it. i don’t know it that’s something i really believed in or just bitterness creeping out, oozing out of my pores. so now as tradition would have it, i will have valentines dinner with friends, again. i love you tsongs! it’s not i am getting tired of you, just the situation. wouldn’t it be grand that on the 14th, when i arrive at the office, a dozen of the most fresh, most beautiful, most red of roses is at my desk. with a card. from victor basa. 😉

viktor basa victor basa


work is killing me. i love my work, but i hate doing it.


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