quilts of hope

while blog hopping at timothy james lambert‘s thoughts, i saw a link to joemygod with an article about the gay quilts. and i quote: 

… As I began the laborious process of recording the names, addresses and amounts, I couldn’t help noticing the memo line on one of the checks. “For my son, Adam.” The check was for $20. My throat clenched up. The next check: “I miss my Ronnie.” $10. A couple of checks later: “For my grandson, Michael.” $25. I turned on the radio and tried to become more mechanical in my movements. Name, address, amount. Name, address, amount. But I kept finding my eyes returning to the memo line. I couldn’t stop myself. “In the name of Ben Johnson, our son.” “Daniel Berg. 1965-1995.” And on and on.

I only got about 50 of the 200 or so checks recorded, when I came across this notation: “Mama misses you so much.” $10. I slammed the register shut, put the checks on top, and walked back the accountant’s office. I pushed the door open and said, “Jon, um…listen, I’m sorry but I can’t finish this right now. I’ll get to it in the morning, cool?” Jon looked over the top of his glasses at my red, watery eyes and gave me a slow, understanding nod, “Yeah, sure Joe.” I turned to walk out and he added, “Why do you think I said I’d do the cash?”…

NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt 

i am overwhelmed with emotions after reading the article. such acceptance and love. i truly believe love transcends all boundaries. it doesn’t recognized gender, color, accent. i also feel sad for the people that have lost their lives fighting AIDS. it’s a terrible, terrible disease. not that it doesn’t have a a cure yet, but because of the social stigma the comes along with it. specially here in the philippines that is predominantly catholic. finding a cure for this disease have a long way to go. but, what we can do now is to support them. them who are being judged before knowing who they are. them who are social outcast because they are not understood. them who are dealing with HIV/AIDS.
photo taken from the wikipedia.


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