housez appt istanbul, turkey
mornings is something that now i don’t get to experience. yes, it’s official, i’m european. at least the timezone i am working on. i’m am still based in manila, mind you, but i need to report to office by 2.00pm. but most of the time i come to office by 12.00pm and go leave the office by 12.00am, or later if ace shuttle fails to pick me up on time. works still when i get home; answering emails, creating test plan, new processes…

gawd!i know i am not a morning person, but this, this, this is taking up a notch, on a higher level. it’s somewhat fulfilling. i have to get back on you on that actually, on the fulfilling this, because i need proof that it works before i get fulfilled. all these are new challenges for me. it’s not new but i get to be the driver and nothing is more exciting than getting to drive a brand new spanking jaguar x type. cool huh? 😉

i am killing myself, i know it, but i am not doing anything about it. why? i don’t know. i’ll get back to you when i know. but if you do, send me an email will yah?

and yes, i love ME!


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