back and here to stay

yep, i’m back, according to justin timberlake, i’m back. sexy i mean. shut up! this is my blog and i’ll blog anything i want. shut up! shut up! shut up! those other people are now blogging how they spend with that special someone their overly commercialized, overly paid and overly exaggerated valentine’s day. if they can dish out that crap, i’ll dish out my gospel. be fabulous everyone. you don’t need someone else to tell you how fabulous and wonderful and stylish you are. you need not others to buy you flower. you need not boxes of chocolates laced with contempt and lies to take back buckets of tears you shed last year. please! we are in the 21st century, where men can be substituted with prada lace up shoes and happiness with a cartier love bangle. less emotional baggage, just pure bliss. retail therapy dear, men are not the it accessory for summer/spring 2007;skinny belts are. if you are committed, well best of luck. if you’re single, be fab dear! enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! milk every second of it. love it, embrace, enjoy it, be it! let them come to you… ciao bello!

sexy back – justin timberlake 


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