eartha kitt

miss eartha kitt
i have a new obsession, eartha kitt. for those of you not into 50’s jazz, eartha mae kitt is the voice behind yzma in the animated feature film emperor’s new groove by buena vista. she was ahead of her time, with a voice like her, she was the epitome of sultry-sexy. she’s divine! her rendition of santa baby is way better than that of marilyn monroe. even at an old age, she exudes glamour and style that many young hollywood stars could only dream of.

i came to love her after hearing her recording of i wanna be evil. it’s a total class of it’s own. the song tells a tale of a young, virginal girl who wants to break out of her cocoon. and she sang it with a touch of sexy innocence that really pulls you through. kat thought it’s cruella de vil-ish. putting a certain twist of in this song.


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