i am a netizen, a certified freakazoid. i can’t live without a keyboard and a mouse, bandwidth  is my currency. but as fate would have it, i was deprived of internet last friday, the whole of friday.

last friday was my company’s quarterly coffee talk. the whole organization meet, awards given, new hires make a fool of themselves and stale food was served. it was scheduled in the afternoon, just starting my day. i decided to go, since it would be my first organization wide coffee talk. although i am a new hire, i did not join in the performance, no way! good thing that the group i am assigned to is freakishly busy that i got excused in a lot of things 🙂 . the event is boring, really boring… dahonand i split earlier, went to greenbelt 3, window shop a little and ate at casa armas. we had the spanish sardines and paella. we were supposed to watch music and lyrics but were too tired to to do. i dropped her off at her condo.

i couldn’t imagine myself internet-less; i am an internet baby. i live for the internet, it’s part of me, the other half of me. butlast friday, i prove that i can live without it, at least a day. would i do it again, the answer is no. i want to feel connected. i want everything to be accessible. thus… i applied for the globe visibility. yippee!!!


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