i’ve never been a seafood-guy. i mean, i like seafoods but i am more a meat lover, no pun intended. i don’t like fish, as far as i am concern i only eat 5 kinds of fish; sea bass, marlin, salmon, tuna, milkfish but it should be daing and boneless. this trip have taught me to love seafoods and that there is more to it than fishes in the vast sea. i love scallops! i really, really love it. it’s just grilled, no basking, no special sauces, no marinate, just fresh scallops to the grill. and it taste amazing! the secret i believe is that it has to be fresh, otherwise forget it. there were other interesting shellfish but i have my eyes on the scallops, just that. there were shrimp and squid and oysters, all blah…

scallops galore

hopefully with all this eating i’ll gain back my weight i lost from working endless hours… i love scallops!


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