simple life

paradise!i finally uploaded the pictures from our bantayan island escapade. i know that i am a city slicker, can’t stand the quiet life of the province more so of a remote island where my globe visibility won’t work to it’s full potential. but from time to time i do enjoy not worrying about anything. although i was on call most of the time while i was there. but the idea that i will be in this remote island, living the simple life is somewhat appealing. only for short period, like 4 days. i love the cool, salty morning breeze as it touches you skin. the feeling of fine, white sand as you walk bare foot on the shore. walking up not knowing what’s for breakfast or lunch but the comfort of knowing that it would be a feast every time with the bounty of this beautiful aquamarine mass. i always thought that living a simple life is over rated, i still do. but for 4 days i did, and it was good.


One thought on “simple life

  1. cool nd calming pics…and OH! thanks for linking my page to yours…i was amazed when i saw my pic in your ‘random thoughts’…Ü cheers!

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