this week, among my many other emotion filled weeks, is very revealing for me. i get to see sides and glimpse of humanity that makes us, well, human.

first off, i want to say thanks to all who have surprised me last wednesday, during my birthday. it was a pleasant surprise and i really didn’t know how to react. i almost drove away ghel and juanie thinking they were seated with their friends and just saw us having dinner. sorry guys, never knew it was a surprise dinner at all! thanks for coming. and thanks to dahon and maganda for trying to round up my acn friends. let’s do dinner again together with cathy, toti and alan. it would have been better if i didn’t end up paying for it though, hehehe 🙂 . after dinner we went to dome cafe for dessert. i had the oreo shake and churros. rumel was able to catch up for coffee. as always, coffee talk which is just a fancy word for chismisan and hiritan (small talk). i was on leave on my birthday, met with bugsy who just came back from zurich. we shop and went to the salon. i ended up buying a new shoes, my 2nd new pair this week, and having my hair tamed since i’m trying to grow it long. we were supposed to have a massage at the spa in podium but didn’t make it by the last call hour.

i’m 30, remind me to change the about page of this blog, and yes am proud to be 30 otherwise i wouldn’t have said that 😉 . 3-0. it’s as if a standing of a team on a winning streak. and indeed i try to look at it in a different perspective, which is that i am winning. i love to think to think that at my age, i have done a lot. that i have accomplished what i have set out to do before i reach 30. and now that i am at this age, i need to straighten things out. yes i am still emotionally immature, who is? i kid myself thinking that emotional stability comes with age, how come i am not as mature as i want to be? there are a lot of things that i feel i have to be by 30 but i am not. so i need to be. if me walking on this earth would not let me be, then i will have to be. did that made sense? i mean i have to force myself then. to grow up and be more emotionally secure; be more happy and content with what i have and don’t have; treat life with a little more jest. i like what mahatma gandhi said, be the change. and i therefore i will try to be the change… dahon, maganda and i were talking, like we always do, about life, our lives. we think of back then when we started working together, our old bosses, our old office, our life there, people we meet, stories lived and told and the journey we are now taking. how life throws curve balls every now and then.

i may not have a lot at 30. i may have a lot of shoes and bags and clothes, but… i can boast that at 30, i have found true friends. and this song, cindy lauper – true colors, is for you.


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