what’s your poison?

my best buds…
photo courtesy of dahon and kate winslet

i promised myself that i would stop drinking. not really stop but mellow down. my first galera trip of my life early this march was so eventful; i was able to finish 1 liter of cuervo by my lonesome, while having my tattoo. that was the same day that i can’t recall 3 hours of my life. it’s not that i passed out or something as ivan have related, it’s just i can”t recall what i was doing then. i woke up in my hotel room with this feeling of throwing up. and yes, i trashed the hotel bathroom with me barfing the whole night. am not particularly proud of that day/night even more me not remembering those 3 hours. i might die and still not recall.

these are my poison, cuervo and san mig light. not included in the photo is absolut vodka, my favorite. but like i’ve said, am trying really hard not to drink or get drunk. although i did sip a little the following week (bantayan island excapade) but i am in the company of good friends that i know would not let me make a fool of myself. and knowing it’s an island in the middle of nowhere did help in the comforting thought that i would not make a big scene, if ever. good thing that i have cut myself off from the bar scene…


this is my twitter page. twitter.com is a new application to voice out what you are feeling right now and will make your friends know. it’s like your yahoo messenger status only that it’s web application and you can embed it on your blog. however wordpres.com does not support this customization. try it! it’s so nice to know your friend’s thoughts at the moment; what they are doing, how they feel.

update: was able to configure my google talk to work with twitter.com, now i only need to message twitter to update my mood. coolness!


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