lent spring cleaning

as you now know, this house have acquired a new name. it’s lent in manila and as a tradition, i’m spending lent together with house and the girls. i would be doing a major spring cleaning as well, this house. you see, i am all alone in our house, as in all alone. mom’s out visiting my aunts in some far off piece of rock located across the pacific and yaya is visiting her family in some province. so me is all alone in our abode, and i don’t intend to clean my room, pick up my clothes, cook, nor wash my soiled flat and silverwares come monday-the time that yaya is back from her vacation. thank god for microwaveable food, lucky me pancit canton and other insta-food. this is the only season that is all about me. christmas is all about family and so is my new year. halloween is partying. lent, just me. my siblings and their family is somewhere else, vacationing i think, distant from the slab of rock i am standing. and this year that mom decided to be with her sisters, i am all alone and scott free to do whatever i want. as if i would something crazy like throw a party. hello! it’s lent! everyone is in puerto galera and boracay doing whatever. but being by myself is such a liberating idea. i love it!

as for my spring cleaning, i’m playing around with different themes for the best layout. i am major in customization, thus the banner should be customizable. though i haven’t pick out yet what picture to use for my banner. but it’s definitely from one of my trips. my other laptop with the adobe photoshop would be very handy now. i want my new home to have an easy and relaxed aura. or maybe not; i might do the bling-bling stuff. anyway, it would be different i tell you. i’m very happy with wordpress.com as my host, aside form being free 😉 , they have an easy to use control panel that administration of my site is a breeze. i’m playing around with wordpress though since most my layout ideas can’t be supported in wordpress.com. i still have 15gb file hosting and domain forwarding with wordpress.com.

as for my domain name friereich.com.ph, a lot have asked why .ph? warning: the succeeding text is a little geeky, nausea nose bleed is a common side effect. a gtld (global top level domain) ends with a .com, .net, .org-no country code extension. this is ideal for those who wants global presence as well as copyright and trademark consideration. a cctld (country code top level domain) is more geo-specific on the domain space (.ph, .jp, .au, etc…) although still accessible through the web anywhere. from the search engine optimization perspective, engines gives high ranking to cctld domains: translated, if you are to a search on stuff that my site has and your ip address is in the philippines, google, yahoo and other search engines will give higher ranking in the content my site has. meaning? the philippines will get to read my rants and runt a whole lotta more. aside from that, cctld and gtld are the same. well… and cctld is more expensive than gtld by us$30/year. so you ask, with the extra $30 what do i get? i answer, pride. that my humble home is conceived and created from a country in the pacific with 7,107 glorious islands during the best time of the day.

watch out for sleak looking house… 😉

p.s. to my dear friends and extended friends (blog friends), since i have a bazillion file hosting space which include audio and video file upload, i can create an account for you in my wordpress.com domain so you can upload ’em files and reference it to your site. let’s flood the world with our media crap. just shout darna! ok?


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