friday madness

it’s done. kapish. finito. and i give you the new layout. i’m still hosted via; my initial testing for a web hosting is fine but i still need to experiment more on layouting. i love, love my new banner, thanks to dahon with her handy kate winslet. it’s at a juice bar in cebu when we were there for our bantayan excapade.

good friday, nothing eventful except that i went out today to buy food at mcdo; even a trip to mcdo is  an event now, how lame-o. like any day, i don’t go out that much, well not at all, in our house. the whole of maundy thursday was spent in the couch, or bed, thinkering and setup of a mini-site with the computers here at home. i’ve use my old laptop as an http/web server while my server as my db box. managed those 2 boxes using this laptop as well as development/setup configuration. so geeky for lent, might as well be that than anything else. yaya would be thrilled to find out that there’s little laundry; 2 underwears. been walking around the house in my bottoms, ok now that’s too much info 😉 .

richard’s inviting me for drinks later, in makati. i might go, nothing much to do here. still by my lonesome. went out with richard last night. met him at la salle taft, he’s staying with his girl friend this lent. had some hard liquor and a shandy. nope i didn’t drank myself silly, still sane and composed as always. just 2 shots of tequila and a bottle of shandy, that’s it. it’s early black saturday, just got home. i was craving for wendy’s and toured the whole of manila looking for 1. new flash, the wendy’s along españa, gone! wendy’s in la salle closed and we ended up at wendy’s in pgh. i love their ice tea! the the ice tea lite taste the same as the regular one but i had the regular one, i can use the calorie. i just sipped from richard’s. it’s nice that richard and i are good friends, i have gimick buddies to go out with. hopefully bugsy will be back from zurich by may. most probably i’ll be sleeping the whole day and wake  up late afternoon like all vampires do. my body clock is such a mess! i’ll keep myself busy with a book probably or more tweaking at my site… gotta sleep now.


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