meet sam and kevin

nokia n95

i want one, i just don’t know if i would buy it. with the tag price, i can buy a decent laptop from my company’s employee purchase program (they give employee’s really big discounts-as big as 30k). i really have to think long and hard (no pun intended) about this one. though my sony ericsson m600i serves its purpose very well and not to mention a stand on its own-professional look and feel, sleek and elegant.

sam and kevini spent the holy week shopping! yes, i wasn’t able to finish the night we met by rob byrnes. i was out most of the holy week, with friends and shopping bags in tow. i found a new boutique to shop. samuel & kevin at robinson’s manila has the coolest cargo pants with their asymmetrical design and form fitting cut. it’s not baggy, but comfortable to wear for your everyday chores. after 9 pairs of viktor jeans, i never bought rtw jeans, except my acne jeans, jimmy key and little big jeans that i bought in europe. but samuel and kevin stands along these brands in my opinion. i tried their jeans as well but my discerning taste for jeans and couture fit elevated by my ultimate viktor made me leave their jeans line. what i like with their cargo line is that it’s funky. i bought 3 pairs (yes, that much i love), one having this weird belt/suspender with the right adjustments and hooks. they also have nice tees but i am no tees guys. i am 30 and i am way pass that phase. i’ll try to post some pictures of me in my new sam&kevin, maybe on casual fridays at the office. a pair would cost you around php4,000.00, not that bad for a good pair of porma pants.

sam and kevin


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