pain, unbearable pain!

yesterday i was in my orthodontist’s chair. it was that time of the month the metal contraption in my mouth got adjusted. my monthly checkup and adjustments were alright. i actually look forward to it; i want to see how much improvement there is on my stubborn teeth. but yesterday was a totally different experience. my march appointment was a let down. after some adjusting, i dropped by greenbelt 3, being that my doctor’s clinic is in makati, for some light shopping. however after a mocha frap from starbucks, one of the brackets had loosen from my tooth. i immediately texted my doctor and scheduled an appointment for a mighty gluing of the stupid bracket. but i wasn’t able to make it, having a crazy schedule and all. any how… my teeth was all fine as lady orthodontist said but it had reach the maximum movement with the conventional method-teeth with metal thingy contraption with wire to connect all the dots. so for this month’s appointment, my doctor got imaginative. i like imaginative people, like those performing artist and choreographers at the julliard school of the performing arts, movement so fluid that makes me wanna wet my pants. she glued the bracket first and added more brackets. she replaced my old archwire with a custom one. the end has this zigzag like spring thingy that forces my lower premolars and canines to move out and is tied to my molar (see drawing on the right but with much more zigzag, as in every tooth!). in layman’s term, it’s fucking painful! that’s what it is. a new level of pain all together. and never would i want her to be imaginative. ever! unless she spells my name, then that’s something else. bling, bling, bling!

this is what she added to my molar. a buccal tube otherwise known as mothership of all pain! she put the other end of the wire inside the hollow tube and tide it to the hook-like metal. and it wasn’t just the ordinary orthodontic wire, she used a hardwire and contoured it not against my teeth, but from a close-up smile model no less. well not direct from his mouth but from some model impression she already have in the clinic. it’s an effort for me to talk more so eat. i had clam chowder at soup kitchen. my tongue and upper mouth cavity got burned, teeth ached from eating the softest bread-roti mum coffee bun-and i can even yawn with open mouth. i’m afraid that my lower jaw would lock out from the shear pain in opening my mouth. this braces is giving me a hard time and is no fun at all. well good thing is that i’m single and not even dating. no lip-locking action going on.

but if there’s one thing that came out right with my appointment is that the rubber bands (ligature) is pink.

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p.s. i’m looking for a companion to go with me to bangkok/phat phong thailand on may 24-27, 4 day 3 nights. it cost around us$400 + philippine airport tax (php1,620.00) inclusive hotel stay at a 4 star exclusive hotel. i have a dear, dear friend who owns a travel agency. sweet deal ๐Ÿ˜‰ . email me if you’re interested.


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