not-so-monday monday

hay…. wala lang. it’s a blah day for me. it has been like this for a couple of days now. although we had our group offsite last weekend at balai ysabelle in talisay, batanggas, it wasn’t much and i didn’t get tanned at all. i mean i almost emptied a brand new bottle of hawaiian tropic dark tanning lotion and still same old skin tone. gawd! i really wanna get tanned, just for the sake of having a new skin tone. i’m so frustrated with my olive skin with yellow undertone. it has been this way since i was a toddler and still the same now. i hope i’ll get darker this weekend; i’ll be going to puerto del sol in pangasinan with friends. it’s an 8 hours drive so i really hope that it’s worth it (read as, i hope i get a tan dammit!).

2007 is a good year so far. i get to go out of town a lot! like as early as now i’ve been in cebu, mindoro, batanggas and tagaytay. and then there’s pangasinan, syquijor, aklan and my south east asia back packing trip (more news in the near future). i’m so excited! i think this year is all about traveling and exploring for me.

i need to get back to work now. i’m finishing this design document that seems not to end to be reviewed, re-reviewed and re-re-reviewed. di bale, it’s a holiday tomorrow and i’ll get to read griffin and sabine‘s extraordinary conversations and gilmore girls season 2 marathon. though i’ll visit dahon late in the afternoon and dissect our lives according to the paradigm of the cosmos and tarot cards.


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